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Systematic design

Grovepro Ltd specializes in intelligent automation design. Responsible practices aimed at functional solutions, satisfied customers and contented professionals.

At the heart of our operations is the desire to continue the success of Finnish craftsmanship. However, new operational models are needed. By influencing the content and execution of work, it becomes meaningful. Simultaneously, the quality of work, profitability and job satisfaction improve.

Automation system design, Programming and Commissioning

We consult in the implementation of automation systems from start to finish.

With experience in working on complex automation system implementations since the mid-2000s, we have expertise in requirement specification, safety analysis, programming (including safety programming), installation phase, and testing.

Factory acceptance testing

We consult on factory acceptance testing, designing the testing process to align with the client's design processes.

In the future, an increasing portion of automation functions will be tested at the factory. This reduces the need for on-site commissioning and the identification of errors only at the construction site.

Process development and optimization

Develops intelligent processes for design, testing and deliveries.

In the future, only the smartest work methods will ensure productivity and employee satisfaction. Processes must be agile and efficient to bring work to light and enable quick responses to rapidly changing situations.

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We would be delighted to discuss your company's needs further and see if Grovepro Ltd would be the right partner for collaboration. 

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